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Wenn nur das GPS funktionieren würde...

Habe die App schon einige Wochen, aber bis jetzt kein einziges Mal GPS-Empfang gehabt. Die Graphik ist auch nicht die Welt, viel zu verpixelt, schlecht zu lesender Text und ein unübersichtliches Menü. Also für Freeware vielleicht noch ok, aber nicht zum Kaufen!

Why Is This Still Not IOS 8.4 Compliant?

When Are You Going To Update Your Software To Be IOS 8.4 Compliant? Absolutely Worthless. You Block My Comments From Being Posted. I Find Your Censorship Quite Telling. No More Help From Me Being Your Guinea Pig And Sharing My Crash Reports With You. Figure Your Build Errors Out On Your Own And Quit Blocking My Comments When I Elect To "Share With App Developers" Under "Diagnostics And Usage".

Acft alt not good

1) Help has misspelled words - shows lack to pay attention to detail. 2) The Adjustment covers up the 3) what should be is a working Kohlmanns window. 3) Cannot fine tune the adjustment easily. 4) Since attempting to emulate an aircrafts altimeter, should have a "knots" unit for Speed (groundspeed since GPS derived). Without a working Kohlmanns window, the app is virtually useless as a trainer/emualtor.

Horrible Display

Made the mistake of putting this on iPad Air2. It has a horrible fuzzy, crude display. Nothing like the APP picture.


Great app for us aviators.

Com OS7

Nao funciona com OS7

Great App!

I love this app. Its as good as your iPhones gps. Doesnt need cellular or wifi connection to work. It just wont work in airplane mode. I also have the Aircraft Speed and Aircraft Heading apps. They all work fine in the car. But this altimeter works well when whether moving or stationary. 5 stars.

Works OK, BUT!!!

Couple of days ago I was standing on the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego. I pulled out the iPhone and tapped on Altimeter just for fun. There I was, about 25 feet above the ocean water and Altimeter was saying that my altitude was over 700 feet! I waited, and then Altimeter asked if it could use my current location. Well, Duh! Why would I want the altitude at some other location? So I tapped OK. It then recalculated and told me I was at 274 feet altitude. OK, closer, but still 250 feet off my actual altitude. So what is going on here? I waited a few more minutes, but Altimeter still insisted that I was 250 above my own head! But I did not feel like I was flying.

Doesnt stay on the home screen

Great idea - need an update.

Works great.

Having the altitude on the icon is awesome! Thanks. The default settings of click while in background and run in the background are a little annoying. Good thing both can be turned off in the settings. Also, to stop the app from running in the background, you need to read the help. Hopefully a future update will make this clearer. Looks and works much like the real thing. Good for training. I have my IPhone in a dock in my car and like to see my altitude. At times the readings can be a ways off, but that is not the fault of this program. The iPhone GPS chip is kind of lame. In one rare case it was 3 thousand feet off, but after restarting the phone, it was good, and has been reasonably accurate ever since.

Kills your battery since the upgrade to v 2.0

The only way I could stop the clicking and stop it running in the background was to UNINSTALL the app. I loved it before, now they ruined it! Bye Bye Aircraft Altimeter...

Aircraft Altimeter

Installed and upon start would never find a GPS signal. I am a pilot and was looking forward to the application. Finally uninstalled.


Yes, its true. The app fully discloses all of its inadeqacies in the description so I dont feel cheated that I bought it. It still doesnt change the fact though that its a waste of a dollar. The whole point of a measuring device is to provide accuaracy, right?! This is inaccurate so frequently, whats the point? Cool idea but the technology isnt there. Save your money

La terre est bien plate !

Où que je me trouve, je suis à 40 mètres daltitude (même avec un bon signal GPS et le 3G à bloc) ! La terre est-elle si plate que ça ?

Very nice- but read the description before buying!

Interesting "Boooo" review. BCREZ knocks an app that fully discloses all of its inadequacies in the description, something that can be viewed prior to hitting the <buy> button. I totally agree that BCREZ is- "dumber for buying it." BTW- Cool App! :)

Cool app

Looks like the real one and works great.

Altitude 0

Altitude 0 ..... Encore et toujours !


Works great. Reasonably accurate. Looks like the real thing. Thanks for the good updates.

Bonne application

Lalti a une référence gps donc il indique une lecture directe par rapport au niveau de la mer (QNH) sympa pour les points hauts sûr les cartes aero ça permet davoir un alti cale en niveau de vol (1013,25 hpa) et liphone en lecture directe sur le QNH sans être oblige davoir le qnh regional.

Works great

Agreed with altitude signs

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